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Pulled over for speeding, Kentucky man charged for drugs, stolen gun and ‘stay at home’ violation

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office charged a man for violating Indiana’s order to stay at home and off the streets.

Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Andre Miksha said it’s the first time the county has ever issued the charge.

State police arrested Zachary Peters, 24, of Kentucky on Friday night.

The prosecutor’s office tacked on the charge for violating the state’s order for “essential travel only” after Indiana State Police said Peters was going 96 mph on Interstate 69 near Noblesville on March 27.

A deputy conducted a traffic stop and found marijuana, cocaine, pills, a stolen gun and drug paraphernalia in Peter’s vehicle.

Peter faces several felony charges, including the misdemeanor for violating the “stay at home” order.

Miksha said the Hamilton County prosecutor rarely issue such a charge but consider it depending on if the offense was done “knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly” to an officer’s discretion.

Peters is at least the fourth person charged with the crime in the past two weeks.

Abraham Baker, 24, from Monroe County, was charged with the misdemeanor after crashing into a tree last week.

News 8 has reached out to Johnson, Hendricks and Marion county prosecutor’s offices. None of those counties has formally charged anyone under the statute at this time.