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Man gets 63 years in prison for murder of ex-girlfriend

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A man has been sentenced to more than six decades in prison after being convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend in 2016.

Bobby Joe Glasscock, 58, stabbed Hallie Bullard to death more than five years ago. Bullard, 26 at the time of her death, was found dead in her bedroom on Sept. 9, 2016. A friend went to check on her after people were unable to get ahold of her. Destroyed photos of Bullard and her girlfriend were found by police when they searched the residence in the 400 block of Rybolt Avenue on the city’s west side.

Bullard had a protective order against Glasscock following a previous relationship. Prosecutors said they had communicated on social media the evening before she was murdered and was trying to hide her new address from Glasscock.

Investigators said video footage showed Glasscock getting out of a vehicle and approaching Bullard’s home, then going back to the vehicle and leaving. DNA on the scene matched Glasscock as well.

“Every person deserves relationships free of domestic violence,” Prosecutor Ryan Mears said in a statement. “This case illustrates the tragic connection between domestic violence and criminal homicides. With this verdict, the jury demonstrated that this kind of senseless violence will not be tolerated in our community.”

Bullard was convicted after a three-day trial.