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Man who died and the murder suspect in Noblesville shooting posed as DoorDash workers

Noblesville Police Department vehicles gather at the scene of a fatal shooting in a neighborhood just west of Morse Reservoir on April 6, 2023. (WISH Photo/Kylan Cole)

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — The man who died in a shooting at a Noblesville home this month and the suspect in his murder had posed as workers for an online food-delivery platform, court documents show.

Grayson Aubrey Rhue, 18, of Roswell, Georgia, died in the shooting reported to Noblesville Police Department just after 10:15 p.m. April 6 in the 21000 block of Raccoon Court. That’s in the Harbour Woods residential subdivision near 216th Street and Mill Creek Road, just north of Morse Reservoir.

Rhue was found dead in the driveway of a Raccoon Court home.

Ruai Ngundeng Pal, 22, of Franklin, Tennessee, was formally charged April 17 in Hamilton Superior Court 5 with a count of murder, two counts of burglary with a deadly weapon, two counts of armed robbery, a count of intimidation, and a count of pointing a firearm at another. Once the formal charges were made, Pal was arrested by the Franklin, Tennessee, Police Department, according to Noblesville police. Pal will remain in jail in the Williamson County jail in Franklin, Tennessee, while awaiting extradition, Noblesville police have said.

The court documents show a woman who was a guest at the house called 911 and said her son had shot at two suspects who had come to the house. The caller described one male wearing a mask and another male, possibly in his 20s, wearing a DoorDash hat.

Noblesville police on the night of the shooting talked with the three people were not the homeowners but instead guests who were house-sitting while the homeowners were away. The house guests were not identified publicly in court documents.

According to police, Rhue had come to the front door of the house and rang the doorbell. Rhue had a brief conversation with the three people inside the home and walked away. A few second later, Rhue returned to the house. After entering the house, Rhue pulled out a handgun and aimed it at the guests.

Court documents revealed that one of the house guests, a man, told investigators that Rhue originally approached the house just after 10 p.m. April 6 and said he worked for DoorDash. The house guests had not ordered food for delivery.

Doorbell video showed Rhue returned to the front door a short time later with two beverages and a red DoorDash food delivery bag. Another person and Rhue forced their way into the house.

At least two of the house guests told police the intruders pointed handguns at them.

Police have said one of the house guests pulled out a handgun and fired several shots at Rhue, who immediately fled the house before collapsing at the end of the driveway. Officers arrived to the scene a short time later to find Rhue’s body. Rhue’s handgun was collected by police.

Court documents say police found a Walther semi-automatic handgun near the food delivery bag. A national database showed the gun had been stolen in Georgia.

About 45 minutes before the shooting, Pal and Rhue were caught on surveillance video leaving a Noblesville hotel, court documents say. Pal was carrying a red DoorDash delivery bag.

Minutes later, they went to a nearby fast-food restaurant, where surveillance video captured them buying two steak quesadilla-burrito hybrids and two drinks at the drive-thru about a half-hour before the shooting. That food found was found at the house after the shooting.

Ruai Ngundeng Pal (Provided Photo/Noblesville Police Department)

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