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New memorial built for slain woman after 1st was destroyed

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Friends and family prayed for comfort Monday night at a vigil honoring Nataysia Williams’ life. 

The memorial set up at 34th and Moller, is the second one put together since Williams death. The first was near 42nd and Brentwood where she was killed. 

Friends and family tell News 8 the first memorial has been destroyed. 

The 25-year-old died Friday after witnesses said she was shot by a security guard. 

IMPD has confirmed a security guard was detained and questioned as a suspect Friday, but officials said he has since been released pending more details in the investigation.

At Monday night’s vigil, Darrien Carter said she is shocked and confused over what happened to her cousin everyone knew by “Taysia.”

“I don’t understand who would wanna hurt her because he never told her to get out the car, she never did anything wrong, he literally shot her while she was sitting down,” said Carter. 

She added that Taysia knew the security guard witnesses said shot her. 

“In the past I saw he got away with other things, acting like the police, shooting another man three months ago, I don’t understand why he’s still on the streets.” 

Long-time friend Jashiona Neither is holding onto hope that someday they will understand.

“It will come. Whatever happens, justice will be served. If not, he has to live with that every single day,” said Neither. 


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