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No activity outside a home connected to Lauren Spierer search

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – There were no investigators outside the home on the 2900 block of Old Morgantown Road on Friday.

This was vastly different than Thursday morning when FBI agents moved inside the home and a barn.

Cadaver dogs were on the scene Thursday morning sniffing in and around the compound.

On Friday, there were no signs of investigators on the scene or activity around the house. Neighbors did not  talk publicly about the searches next door.

Bloomington police acknowledged the search is connected to the Lauren Spierer disappearance.

Back in 2011, Spierer an Indiana University student, disappeared on June 3 after a night of partying at a local bar.

As the years passed there has been constant speculation on what happened to the college coed.

Justin Wagers has been placed under the radar.

Wagers is currently in jail after exposing himself to multiple woman. In 2015, Wagers was labeled as a serial flasher after allegedly flashing several women in Greenwood, Franklin and in Edinburgh.

Investigators did not say what led them to search Wagers’ mother’s home.