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Noblesville man accused of attempting to hire hit man to kill witnesses against him

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — A Noblesville man, awaiting trial on road rage charges, tried to hire a hit man to eliminate witnesses against him, according to court documents.

Trevor Dahl, 24, was charged in November with attempted murder after being accused of shooting a man on Nov. 17 following a confrontation while driving.

While awaiting trial on the attempted murder charge, Dahl communicated with a confidential informant that he thought was a hit man. According to court documents, Dahl wrote letters to the informant that contained references to his girlfriend and a juvenile witness in a pending case against him.

Dahl gave descriptions of both, as well as addresses, places of employment and social media information. In both letters he wrote “Don’t care if she/he comes back.”

Dahl also offered his 2004 Acura TXS as partial payment for the murders, and that he “will make cash payments upon release.” Records show he also asked “Can this be done by March 13th? I have trial that week.”

Records show Dahl began written correspondence from the Hamilton County Jail with the informant. At one point referring to the persons he wanted killed as “Bathroom Renovation” and “Bedroom Renovation.” Dahl again wrote “Trial Date, Need done by March 13th, 2023” “Will pay cash upon release!”

Eventually Dahl began communicating with an undercover officer with the Hamilton County Sherriff’s Office. On a phone call, Dahl asked the undercover officer, posing as a hit man, how much he wanted for “the bedroom and bathroom renovations.”

Dahl again offered his Acura as payment, according to investigators. The undercover officer asked Dahl which job he wanted started first and which was most important. According to records, Dahl responded “Probably the bedroom. They’re equally important, but probably the bedroom and that’s probably going to be the easier one.”

Investigators say Dahl attempted to sell his Acura to cover the cost of one of the killings, and agreed to pay a total price of “4 to 5” ($4,000-$5,000) for both. Documents say Dahl said, “I think it would be easier to go ahead and gut it all and not have anything, you know?”

The undercover officer then asked Dahl if he wanted the same thing done with the bathroom.

Dahl replied, “Yes Sir. Definitely the bathroom. We don’t want anything left of the bathroom for sure.”

Records show investigators met with Dahl on Thursday and asked if he knew the hit man he had been communicating with and showed him the letters he had written. According to investigators, Dahl denied knowing the hit man, but agreed the writing on the letters were his handwriting.

Dahl is now facing two charges of conspiracy to commit murder, in addition to his previous attempted murder charge, according to court records.