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Juvenile hurt in shooting during ‘melee’ at Marion County Fair; numerous juveniles arrested

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A minor was shot and numerous others were arrested Saturday night amid what authorities called a “melee” at the Marion County Fair.

On Sunday afternoon, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that prior and unrelated to the shooting, the sheriff’s office made three arrests: one boy arrested for disorderly conduct and intimidation; one boy arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting law enforcement and criminal trespassing; and one girl arrested for disorderly conduct, battery and resisting law enforcement. No additional information was provided about arrests made on Saturday at the fairgrounds.

Around 8:40 p.m., deputies with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office were escorting some juveniles out of the fair gates when 100-150 other kids forced their way through the gates and into the fair, leading to multiple fights, Maj. Michael Hubbs with MCSO and IMPD Officer Genae Cook said during a joint briefing near the fairgrounds.

Hubbs said the juveniles being escorted out of the fairgrounds were being arrested for disorderly conduct, and that was when the “crowd was somewhat incited.”

During those fights, several shots were fired, and one young person was shot, suffering injuries that did not appear life-threatening, officials said. A second person was being examined for a possible minor injury that may have been from a bullet.

Multiple guns were recovered from the area, and numerous juveniles were detained and questioned, Cook said.

Hubbs said he had been working at the fair all week and it had been a success, calling Saturday night’s incident “an exception.”

He said prior to Saturday night, there had been five arrests during the week at the fairgrounds, and all arrestees were juveniles.

Hubbs said thousands of juveniles were at the fair on Saturday, most not accompanied by adults.

“We expect everybody to behave, whether you’re a juvenile or an adult. And that’s society. That’s how we need to look at these issues. So, parents, if you’re dropping your children off, you’re still accountable for your child,” Hubbs said.

One sheriff’s deputy was injured during what Hubbs called “the melee,” when a chemical spray was deployed while law enforcement was making arrests, he said.

The Marion County Fair kicked off on July 11 and was set to end on Sunday. However, following the shooting, the last day, Sunday, has been canceled.