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Police: I-465 shooting involved 2 shooters in separate cars

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - Police now say at least two people fired at a driver on I-465 North Wednesday morning. 

Officers say two cars drove up next to the victim's car - one on each side - and officers found bullet holes on both sides. At least one bullet struck the victim's leg. 

Detectives said they don't know why the shooters targeted the driver and they're still looking for the shooters. 

The shooting shut down part of I-465 near 71st Street for hours. Police said the victim slammed into another car, but the shooting victim, who was released from the hospital Wednesday morning, is the only one who was hurt.

The closure forced commuters to find another way to work. 

"I don't typically hear things like that, so it is scary hearing something like that is happening," driver Ryan Augustine said.  

Detectives said another person on Monday was shot in the chest on I-65 near 29th Street after an argument inside a car. Officers said that person is expected to survive.

Indiana State Police said neither of the shootings are random or related to road rage, but that's not squashing concerns for drivers. 

"It can cause all kinds of accidents," driver Eugene Glass said. "It's a destructive and disruptive part of society now. I hope there is a solution somewhere."

Glass said his Christmas vacation ends Thursday, when he'll drive back to Gary - cautiously. 

"It's horrible, but it seems to happen more and more frequently every day," Glass said. 

Detectives are seeking tips in the Wednesday morning shooting. Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-8477. 

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