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Woman believes Cultural Trail stabbing suspect is same man who pulled knife on her day before

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis woman has come forward with concerns that she was approached by the same man that stabbed a woman running along the Cultural Trail last week.

The victim says that a man approached her at the recycling center right off the Cultural Trail near Ohio Street and Alabama Street right across from the Cultural Trail. At first the woman didn’t think much of the odd encounter, until the man pulled out a knife.

The victim in this encounter has requested that we not reveal her identity.

She said that she had just pulled up the recycling bin when a strange man approached her while she was on the phone.

“First he asked me, ‘do you have a minute to talk?’ I was on the phone and I said no,” said the victim.

She continued to talk to her friend on the phone when he interrupted her again, this time with a more personal request.

“And he asked me, ‘can I have a hug?’ And I am like no,” said the victim.

That is when the victim said that the man pulled out a knife. She yelled to her friend on the phone to call 911.

“I ran to my car but I wasn’t able to escape because he kept the door open and he wanted to stab me,” said the victim.

The woman said she started yelling and kicking to try to get the man to leave. Thinking he wanted something from her, she said that she offered to give him money.

She said the man asked her, “how much money do you have?”

“I didn’t know what to do I thought he was going to kill me. I really thought he was going to kill me. I thought I was going to die,” said the victim.

As people nearby heard her screams, they started to gather to see what was going on that is when the man ran off.

The victim said they waited on police for 30 minutes. While they waited, the man returned.

“He came back and gave me my slipper which was kind of weird,” said the victim. She said he then said to her, “I didn’t want your money,” then walked away.

The victim said that a person who lives in an apartment near where the incident happened gave police a photo that he took of the suspect.

The next day another woman was stabbed while running along the Cultural Trail by a man who matched the exact description that the first victim gave police down to the clothes he was wearing.

This victim is frustrated by the situation because she said after filing the initial report, now almost a full week later, she not heard from police.

“The lady that got stabbed on Thursday could have been prevented,” said the victim.

The man who stabbed the woman last Thursday is in police custody. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is still not releasing information on his identity. IMPD has not confirmed if the two cases are connected.