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Cubs, White Sox return to WISH-TV and MyINDY-TV 23 for 2019

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — WISH-TV and MyINDY-TV 23 will once again serve as the local home of the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox for the 2019 Major League Baseball season.

WISH-TV and MyINDY-TV 23 will broadcast 130 Cubs and White Sox games.

“WISH-TV and MyINDY-TV 23 are excited to continue bringing Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox into Central Indiana homes in 2019,” said Randy Ingram, VP and General Manager of WISH-TV and MyINDY-TV 23. “As the local TV home for the Cubs and White Sox, WISH-TV will be the primary source for local news and sports coverage for these baseball franchises, delivering comprehensive coverage to Central Indiana viewers. Fans and advertisers can look forward to a broadcast schedule including 130 spring training and regular season games this year.” 

As for the White Sox, 2019 could be an exciting time on the south side of Chicago. 

With a young core of prospects, coupled with some viable Major League players already on the roster, the time to ramp up the quality of the Major League squad is now. Playing in an average AL Central could mean a late season playoff push for the first time in a long time at Guaranteed Rate Field. 

DayDateGameTelecast StartStation
SaturdayMarch 2, 2019CubsvsBrewers3:00PMWISH-TV
SundayMarch 10, 2019Cubs@Brewers4:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridayMarch 15, 2019White Sox@Cubs4:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridayMarch 22, 2019CubsvsRangers4:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundayMarch 24, 2019Cubs@Padres4:00PMMyINDY-TV
ThursdayMarch 28, 2019Cubs@Rangers4:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundayMarch 31, 2019White Sox@Royals2:00PMMyINDY-TV
MondayApril 1, 2019White Sox@Indians3:30PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdayApril 3, 2019Cubs@Braves7:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridayApril 5, 2019Cubs@Brewers8:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayApril 6, 2019White SoxvsMariners2:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundayApril 7, 2019White SoxvsMariners2:00PMMyINDY-TV
MondayApril 8, 2019White SoxvsRays2:00PMMyINDY-TV
MondayApril 8, 2019CubsvsPirates2:00PMWISH-TV
WednesdayApril 10, 2019CubsvsPirates8:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridayApril 12, 2019White Sox@Yankees7:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayApril 13, 2019CubsvsAngels2:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundayApril 14, 2019CubsvsAngelsPostponedWISH-TV
MondayApril 15, 2019Cubs@Marlins7:00PMMyINDY-TV
TuesdayApril 16, 2019White SoxvsRoyals8:00PMMyINDY-TV
ThursdayApril 18, 2019White Sox@Tigers1:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayApril 20, 2019CubsvsDiamondbacks2:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundayApril 21, 2019White Sox@Tigers1:00PMMyINDY-TV
MondayApril 22, 2019White Sox@Orioles7:00PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdayApril 24, 2019CubsvsDodgers8:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayApril 27, 2019White SoxvsTigers7:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayApril 27, 2019Cubs@Diamondbacks8:00PMWISH-TV
SundayApril 28, 2019Cubs@Diamondbacks3:30PMMyINDY-TV
TuesdayApril 30, 2019White SoxvsOrioles8:00PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdayMay 1, 2019Cubs@Mariners6:30PMMyINDY-TV
ThursdayMay 2, 2019White SoxvsRed White Sox8:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayMay 4, 2019CubsvsCardinals3:30PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdayMay 8, 2019CubsvsMarlins8:00PMMyINDY-TV
ThursdayMay 9, 2019White Sox@Indians1:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridayMay 10, 2019White Sox@Blue Jays7:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayMay 11, 2019CubsvsBrewers2:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundayMay 12, 2019White Sox@Blue Jays1:00PMMyINDY-TV
TuesdayMay 14, 2019White SoxvsIndians2:00PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdayMay 15, 2019Cubs@Reds6:30PMMyINDY-TV
FridayMay 17, 2019Cubs@Nationals7:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundayMay 19, 2019White SoxvsBlue Jays2:00PMMyINDY-TV
TuesdayMay 21, 2019CubsvsPhillies7:00PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdayMay 22, 2019White Sox@Astros8:00PMMyINDY-TV
ThursdayMay 23, 2019CubsvsPhillies2:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridayMay 24, 2019White Sox@Twins8:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayMay 25, 2019CubsvsReds2:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundayMay 26, 2019CubsvsReds2:00PMWISH-TV
MondayMay 27, 2019Cubs@Astros1:30PMMyINDY-TV
TuesdayMay 28, 2019Cubs@Astros8:00PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdayMay 29, 2019White SoxvsRoyals8:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridayMay 31, 2019White SoxvsIndians8:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundayJune 2, 2019Cubs@Cardinals2:00PMWISH-TV
MondayJune 3, 2019CubsvsAngels4:05PMMyINDY-TV
TuesdayJune 4, 2019White Sox@Nationals7:00PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdayJune 5, 2019CubsvsRockies8:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundayJune 9, 2019White Sox@Royals2:00PMMyINDY-TV
MondayJune 10, 2019White SoxvsNationals8:00PMMyINDY-TV
TuesdayJune 11, 2019Cubs@Rockies8:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridayJune 14, 2019Cubs@Dodgers10:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayJune 15, 2019White SoxvsYankees6:30PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayJune 15, 2019Cubs@Dodgers9:00PMWISH-TV
TuesdayJune 18, 2019White Sox@Cubs7:30PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdayJune 19, 2019CubscsWhite Sox8:00PMMyINDY-TV
ThursdayJune 20, 2019CubsvsMets8:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayJune 22, 2019CubsvsMets2:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundayJune 23, 2019CubsvsMets2:00PMWISH-TV
SundayJune 23, 2019White Sox@Rangers2:30PMMyINDY-TV
MondayJune 24, 2019White Sox@Red White Sox7:00PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdayJune 26, 2019CubsvsBraves8:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridayJune 28, 2019Cubs@Reds7:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayJune 29, 2019Cubs@Reds4:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundayJune 30, 2019White SoxvsTwins2:00PMMyINDY-TV
TuesdayJuly 2, 2019White SoxvsTigers8:00PMMyINDY-TV
ThursdayJuly 4, 2019Cubs@Pirates3:30PMMyINDY-TV
SundayJuly 7, 2019White SoxvsCubs1:30PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayJuly 13, 2019CubsvsPirates2:00PMWISH-TV
SundayJuly 14, 2019White Sox@A’s4:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundayJuly 14, 2019CubsvsPirates2:00PMWISH-TV
MondayJuly 15, 2019White Sox@Royals8:00PMMyINDY-TV
TuesdayJuly 16, 2019CubsvsReds8:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayJuly 20, 2019White Sox@Rays5:30PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayJuly 20, 2019CubsvsPadres2:00PMWISH-TV
SundayJuly 21, 2019CubsvsPadres2:00PMWISH-TV
MondayJuly 22, 2019Cubs@Giants9:30PMMyINDY-TV
TuesdayJuly 23, 2019Cubs@Giants9:30PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdayJuly 24, 2019White SoxvsMarlins8:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayJuly 27, 2019White SoxvsTwins7:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayJuly 27, 2019Cubs@Brewers7:00PMWISH-TV
SundayJuly 28, 2019Cubs@Brewers2:00PMMyINDY-TV
TuesdayJuly 30, 2019White SoxvsMets8:00PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdayJuly 31, 2019Cubs@Cardinals8:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayAugust 3, 2019White Sox@Phillies6:30PMMyINDY-TV
SundayAugust 4, 2019CubsvsBrewers2:00PMWISH-TV
MondayAugust 5, 2019CubsvsA’s8:00PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdayAugust 7, 2019White Sox@Tigers1:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayAugust 10, 2019Cubs@Reds7:00PMWISH-TV
SundayAugust 11, 2019White SoxvsA’s2:00PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdayAugust 14, 2019White SoxvsAstros2:00PMMyINDY-TV
ThursdayAugust 15, 2019Cubs@Phillies7:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridayAugust 16, 2019Cubs@Pirates7;00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayAugust 17, 2019Cubs@Pirates1:30PMMyINDY-TV
SundayAugust 18, 2019White Sox@Angels4:00PMMyINDY-TV
MondayAugust 19, 2019White Sox@Twins8:00PMMyINDY-TV
ThursdayAugust 22, 2019CubsvsGiants2:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridayAugust 23, 2019CubsvsNationals2:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdayAugust 24, 2019White SoxvsRangers7:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundayAugust 25, 2019CubsvsNationals2:00PMWISH-TV
WednesdayAugust 28, 2019White SoxvsTwins8:00PMMyINDY-TV
ThursdayAugust 29, 2019Cubs@Mets7:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridayAugust 30, 2019CubsvsBrewers2:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundaySeptember 1, 2019White Sox@Braves4:30PMMyINDY-TV
MondaySeptember 2, 2019CubsvsMariners2:00PMMyINDY-TV
TuesdaySeptember 3, 2019White Sox@Indians7:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdaySeptember 7, 2019Cubs@Brewers7:00PMWISH-TV
SundaySeptember 8, 2019White SoxvsAngels2:00PMMyINDY-TV
MondaySeptember 9, 2019Cubs@Padres10:00PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdaySeptember 11, 2019Cubs@Padres10:00PMMyINDY-TV
ThursdaySeptember 12, 2019White SoxvsRoyals2:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridaySeptember 13, 2019White Sox@Mariners10:00PMMyINDY-TV
SundaySeptember 15, 2019CubsvsPirates2:00PMWISH-TV
MondaySeptember 16, 2019White Sox@Twins7:30PMMyINDY-TV
TuesdaySeptember 17, 2019CubsvsReds8:00PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdaySeptember 18, 2019CubsvsReds8:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridaySeptember 20, 2019CubsvsCardinals2:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdaySeptember 21, 2019CubsvsCardinals2:00PMWISH-TV
SundaySeptember 22, 2019White Sox@Tigers1:00PMMyINDY-TV
TuesdaySeptember 24, 2019White SoxvsIndians8:00PMMyINDY-TV
WednesdaySeptember 25, 2019Cubs@Pirates7:00PMMyINDY-TV
FridaySeptember 27, 2019Cubs@Cardinals8:00PMMyINDY-TV
SaturdaySeptember 28, 2019White SoxvsTigers6:30PMMyINDY-TV
SundaySeptember 29, 2019Cubs@Cardinals3:00PMMyINDY-TV


Neighbors stunned by shooting in ‘safe,’ ‘quiet’ Eagles Watch subdivision

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH ) — The Eagles Watch subdivision on the city’s northwest side is home to dozens of families.

“It’s very quiet here,” said Irma Molina, who lives on Eagles Watch Drive.

The winding road is often touted as an oasis of safety, seemingly removed from the city’s crime crisis, according to Jeremy Layly, who lives down the street from Molina.

He walks his dogs through the neighborhood every night without worrying about what he’ll encounter in the dark.

On Thursday night, his walk led him toward flashing police lights and crime scene tape. 

Detectives were collecting evidence from the scene of a shooting in the 5000 block of Eagles Watch Drive, less than a quarter of a mile from Layly’s home.

“I’ve heard gunshots [before] but not in the neighborhood,” he told News 8. “That’s intense.”

Officers arrived around 4 p.m. after neighbors reported hearing gunshots. An unidentified man was pronounced dead at the scene.

No arrests had been made Thursday night. No suspect information was available.

The shooting appeared to be targeted and did not pose an immediate threat to public safety, police said.

“[Detectives are] working hard to solve these crimes and to prevent crimes,” said Michael Hewitt, a spokesperson for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD).

Molina, whose home was within the police perimeter, ducked under the yellow tape to speak with News 8.

She and her son still feel safe living on Eagles Creek Drive, she said, but she is wary of rising crime in other parts of the city.

“It is very dangerous lately,” Molina said in Spanish. “Many crimes have happened.”

Anybody with information about the shooting is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.