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Danville domestic violence shelter encouraging people to perform random acts of kindness Thursday

DANVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – A shelter in Danville is “paying it forward” by hosting what it calls a day of kindness.

The “Sheltering Wings” domestic violence shelter said it is celebrating its 15th anniversary by encouraging people to perform random acts of kindness for others on Thursday.

“Even small acts like complimenting a stranger or holding the door open for someone can have a big impact,” explains Executive Director Cassie Martin. “There are so many ways to share our blessings with others.”

Since the shelter first opened in 2002, it has housed more than 1,600 women and 1,800 children.

The shelter also helps women prepare to return to safe, abuse-free lives.

“We’ve helped women receive high school equivalency diplomas, find jobs, save for a home, work through anger and grief, create a safety plan, learn how to create and maintain a budget, become more effective parents, secure transportation, learn about Christ, and find hope and healing,” says Martin. “We’ve been a listening ear, a guide in the midst of troubling times, a shoulder to cry on, a safe place to vent, and their biggest cheerleaders.”

The shelter’s leader is asking people who perform random acts of kindness to include a copy of the Pay It Forward flyer, and to also spread the word on social media.

It’s a way to commemorate this special day. “We think this is a great way to remind others that our world is full of kindness and generosity,” she says.

Click here for the flyer and more information.

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