Danville voters reject school district’s 2 referendums

Danville voters reject school district’s 2 referendums

DANVILLE (WISH) — A central Indiana school district is trying to figure out what to do next after voters rejected two major referendums on Tuesday.

You can’t miss the big bright yellow “Vote No” signs posted around the town of Danville.

Sixty-six percent of voters said no Tuesday night to Danville’s School Tax Levy Referendum ballot question.

And 77% voted no on the Danville School Construction Project Referendum on the ballot.

“I’m fine with it,” Amber Hulse, who voted no explained Wednesday. “I did the same.”

“I was very disappointed,” added Jean Himsel, who voted yes.

In October, Danville Community Schools said it needs millions for upgrades, teacher pay and building improvements, among other things. The district asked residents for the money by proposing higher property taxes.

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“I think a lot of people, the big concern was they couldn’t afford the raise in their property taxes,” Hulse said. “They’re struggling to make ends meet now.”

The other referendum would’ve helped pay for transportation, improve student security, and keep up academic programs.

“I really was surprised because I thought everyone would support the schools,” said Himsel.

“I think they’re going to have to re-think the budget and probably come back next year with another referendum. We have elections next November, too,” Hulse said.

Wednesday, Danville Schools Superintendent, Dr. Tracey Shafer, sent News 8 the following statement in response to the failed referendums:

“Dear Danville parents, guardians, staff and community members, Danville Community Schools would like to thank everyone who voted in today’s election. Our community spoke decisively to not support the referenda, and we respect the outcome. The election gave every member of the Danville School district the opportunity to have a voice. The referenda results will make education look different in our community, but we will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing a quality education for Danville children. We hope for continued community involvement as we work to meet the needs of our children’s education.”

A Danville Community Schools district spokesperson tells News 8 the school district hasn’t yet had the chance to meet with the school board to talk about next steps.