Daybreak reporter challenged to police fitness test

LAWRENCE, Ind. (WISH) – A central Indiana police department, which has been prepared to hire more officers than ever before, will soon wrap up its application process.

The Lawrence Police Department has been looking to fill its force in 2016 as it calculates future retirements and needs for expansion.

On June 10, hundreds of police officer hopefuls will be challenged to a series of physical tests in order to enter the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy with sights on joining the LPD.

“We’re really not looking for ‘Ironmen’ or ‘Ironwomen.’ We want people with common sense and good judgment that are community minded, that can write well and express themselves well and relate to people,” LPD Chief David Hofmann said.

In order to provide the public an example of what it takes to entire the field, the department exclusively invited WISH-TV’s Drew Blair to attempt its agility test.

There are five physical fitness components that are measured in one day with entrance and academy exit standards:

  • Vertical jump: Entrance 13.5 inches, Exit 16 inches
  • One minute sit-ups: Entrance 24, Exit 29
  • 300 meter run: Entrance 82 seconds, Exit 71 seconds
  • Maximum push-ups: Entrance 21, Exit 25
  • 1.5 mile run: Entrance 18 minutes 56 seconds, Exit 16 minutes 28 seconds

A team of police ran Blair and recently appointed patrolman Devin Randle through the test on a cold March morning as rain steadily fell on a track and football field in Lawrence Township.

Randle completed the test to help provide an example at Blair’s side. She passed all categories minus the minimum of push-ups required. All categories must be successfully completed to the entrance standard for admittance to the academy.

Lawrence Captain Erika Schneider said the push-up portion is one of the more challenging for applicants, especially women who traditionally have lower upper body strength.

Chief Hofmann advised interested applicants to study and train for the agility test ahead of time.

“Don’t wait. Day one is not here. Day one may be today in someone’s home or in someone’s life so that come June, when we actually have this then they’ll be ready to go,” he said.

The LPD has posted details of its full application process online.

It is accepting interest forms through May 6.


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