Days after controversial post, Anderson candy shop owner says business is for sale

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) — Just days after a controversial Facebook post went viral, the owner of an Anderson candy shop says he is selling his business.

Randy Good, owner of Good’s Candy Shop, says the store is for sale “effective immediately.”

“I’ve been at this for 40 years. Perhaps folks are right, I’m out of touch,” Good said in a statement to News 8.

In post on Facebook earlier this week, Good described the kind of people he did not want to hire at the candy shop.

Tens of thousands of Facebook users responded to the post.

“Splitting is a behavior of girls, young mostly but not always. Usually taught by their mothers,” the post said. “This is the person who talks about others in an attempt to split people apart and feel better about themselves.”

The post, which has since been deleted, was criticized as misogynist.

On Thursday night, Good spoke with News 8’s Demie Johnson.

“Maybe I posted it without enough thought. Maybe I didn’t select the right words. For heaven’s sake, I barely made it out of high school. It’s not like I’m a word genius,” Good said.

Good says anyone interested in buying the shop can email him at goodvicky45466@yahoo.com.