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Deer break through retirement apartment window

DECATUR, Ind. (WANE) — Police in Decatur had to tranquilize two of three deer that crashed through the window of an apartment at a retirement community while a woman was inside.

Officers from the Decatur Police Department and the Adams County Sheriff’s Office went to Adams Woodcrest retirement community around 9:30 Tuesday night.  A woman was sitting in her living room when three deer jumped through the apartments bedroom window, said Decatur Police Chief Leonard Corral.

Deputy Bryce Kukelhan went into the apartment.  He saw the woman inside sitting on the couch with one of the deer jumping around her in the living room. Officer Kukelhan shielded the woman until it was safe for her to exit the home, said Chief Corral.  At one point, two of the deer went into the bathroom of the apartment. 

Two of the deer had to be tranquilized and removed from the apartment, said Chief Corral.  They were taken outside where they recovered and ran away.  The third deer jumped back through the window and ran away.

The inside of the apartment was damage by the deer. Nobody was injured.  

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