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Delphi murders case: Podcasters review transcript on defense attorneys’ resignations

Delphi murders case: Former defense attorney claims he was forced to withdraw

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — I-Team 8 reported Monday it had obtained the transcripts from a hearing that led to Delphi murders suspect Richard Allen’s attorneys resigning from the case.

Allen, 51, of Delphi, was arrested on Oct. 28, 2022, for the February 2017 stabbing deaths of 13-year-old Abigail “Abby” Williams and 14-year-old Liberty “Libby” German near the Monon High Bridge in Delphi.

According to the transcripts, the attorneys were given an ultimatum by the judge: resign, or be publicly shamed in court for a leak of evidence from their office.

I-Team 8 on Tuesday talked with podcasters who’ve been following the murders case to get their input.

Aine Cain of the podcast The Murder Sheet said, “We are seeing a bit beyond the curtain into this because we are seeing the dynamics between the defense attorney, the prosecution and the judge. Obviously, this is an extreme situation.”

At the last hearing Oct. 19, Judge Fran Gull called both the prosecution and the defense attorneys, Andrew Baldwin and Brad Rozzi, into her office two hours before the scheduled start of the hearing. I-Team 8 was in the hallway when the parties entered the judge’s chamber. The Oct. 19 hearing was just days after a catastrophic evidence leak from Baldwin’s office.

In the transcripts, Rozzi tried to distance himself from Baldwin, saying he didn’t know the person who had leaked sensitive crime scene pictures and that the leak didn’t come from his office.

Kevin Greenlee of the podcast The Murder Sheet said Tuesday, “And certainly, I was surprised that some of the comments in the transcript from Brad Rozzi, he appears to be minimizing the leak. I believe at one point he said he didn’t care about the pictures of Abby and Libby had come out, and I think a lot of people find that shocking.”

In the transcript, Rozzi said, “I’m gonna say this maybe a little loosely, but forgive me. I don’t care. I don’t care that all this stuff is out there.”

Baldwin hired a lawyer to represent him against allegations the leak came from his office. The judge wanted him off the case. The judge admonished Baldwin for issuing a press release two weeks after a gag order was issued and for not safekeeping the evidence.

Gull told both Rozzi and Baldwin that they could either withdraw from the case or face public humiliation in open court. In the transcripts, Gull is talking to Baldwin: “I’m talking about you. I’m not accusing the state of gross incompetence and negligence. I’m finding gross incompetence and negligence with you.”  

Allen’s former defense attorneys have two filings in front of the state’s highest court. One concern sealed records. The second was the reason the transcript exists. Baldwin and Rozzi requested the transcript as they have claimed they were harassed to withdrawal from the case.

Cain from The Murder Sheet said, Tuesday, “The first one (of the two filing before the Indiana Supreme Court) concerns recordkeeping. It is saying that Judge Gull did not properly keep records in this case; that needs to change. So, that is One. Two is separate, but it also concerns Judge Gull. It’s essentially having her recused from the case, and that Rozzi and Baldwin get brought back on.” 

The Indiana Supreme Court could rule on the fillings before the end of 2023.

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