Deputies help man buy groceries, pay for his rent

(WFLA) – When you’re a Hillsborough, Florida deputy, helping those in need is all in a day’s work—even when they don’t ask for it. 

The sheriff’s office took to Instagram to share two deputies random act of kindness.

According to the post, Sergeant Leonette Garfield was on patrol when the officer saw a man sitting by himself, looking blue.

The man told Garfield he has been taking care of his brother with autism and another sibling and was $100 short on his rent. The family was struggling to make ends meet.

Without hesitation, Garfield offered to help him pay his rent. Then another deputy, Tara Quezada took the man grocery shopping to make sure he and his siblings had enough food to last them through the week.

“Most folks have no clue how often this happens each day,” the agency said on Facebook, adding that deputies regularly dig into their own wallets to help those in need. 

“They didn’t ask for credit or accolades like this but we felt you should know who is out there wearing the white and green. These are amazing people and each and everyone one makes us incredibly proud!”