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Dialing change to take effect within 812 area code

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH ) – Those living within the 812 area code will have to change the way they dial a call Saturday. Even local calls will have to be dialed using the 10-digit number.

This transition began back in July 2013 when the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission recognized that the 812 area code was running out of available numbers. They decided to overlay or superimpose a new area code in the same geographical area as 812. That includes Terre Haute, Bloomington, Columbus and areas south of there in Indiana.

Since 1947 when area codes were created, 812 has always been the only area code in Southern Indiana.

The biggest impact is on automated systems like home security systems, because many in the area are only programmed to dial seven digits. The IURC pushed the change back to give businesses and others a chance to update that technology.

“That’s why it’s so important in the 812 area code is because, first, it’s a large area that is serviced by the area code and there’s never been a different one in there, so this will be a big change for them, but we have had almost a year and a half to have this discussion and I think we’re ready,” IURC Communications Manager Natalie Derrickson said.

The new area code to coexist with 812 will be 930, but IURC officials say you won’t be seeing 930 numbers right away. The area code won’t be available to customers until March 7th, exactly one month after the dialing change. Also, 812 numbers will remain in rotation as customers cancel service or change numbers.

For more information visit the IURC website or the OUCC website.