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Dick Wolfsie climbs aboard the Nickel Plate Express

ATLANTA, Ind. (WISH) — Each and every week Dick Wolfsie brings us a story unique to central Indiana. 

This week he’s climbing aboard an historic train and taking a ride on the Nickel Plate Express in Atlanta. 

He spoke with Dagny Zupin about the operation and the experience the Nickel Plate Express is bringing to Hoosiers. 

“So the Nickel Plate Express is a tourist excursion train,” explained Dagny Zupin. “So we do dinner trains, wine trains, beer trains, Christmas trains for the kids, it’s just a lot of fun to get people on this historic equipment and let them have a good time.”

Passengers get the opportunity to imagine what it was like riding the train when it was first brand new in 1956. 

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