Dick Wolfsie learns a lesson from pumpkin-carving extraordinaire

Dick Wolfsie learns how to carve a pumpkin – Part 1

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each week Dick Wolfsie shares a story that is unique to central Indiana.

This week Dick caught up with Lee Saberson who has been carving pumpkins for years.

Lee carves designs of all kinds into pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Saberson has even carved a pumpkin that weighed a whopping 1,300 pounds.

Dick Wolfsie learns how to carve a pumpkin – Part 2

Saberson said he doesn’t keep track of the number of pumpkins he’s carved over the years. Rather, he counts how many tons of pumpkins he’s carved.

“Well, I average about two tons (of pumpkins) a year,” said Saberson.

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This week Lee decided to create a design representing WISH-TV.

“I’m doing the 8 logo, and since it’s so important, the number 8, I’m going to raise the 8 out of the pumpkin,” said Saberson.

Click the videos to learn more and to see the final product!