Dick Wolfsie meets up with ‘mascot maven’ responsible for Indy’s Blue, Boomer

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each and every week Dick Wolfsie shares a story that is unique to central Indiana.

This week Dick went to Avant Garb, a design company that specializes in creating mascots for teams and institutions across the country. While he was there he caught up with Jennifer Smith who calls herself the “mascot maven.”

Smith makes mascots — in fact, she’s made hundreds.

“Mascot-making is very serious business,” said Smith. “We bring the fun, and we bring people together, and the mascot looks great. People who would never in their life talk to each other find themselves standing next to each other with this mascot doing silly things.”

Avant Garb is responsible for the design of mascots from all over the country, including two of Indy’s own — Blue and Boomer.

The pair were recently inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame.

Smith explained that clients nationwide come to Avant Garb to see their dream mascots become reality. But not all of the clients come prepared with exactly what they are looking for.

“We have to read their minds,” Smith said.

Click the videos to learn more about Avant Garb, Jennifer Smith and the mascots she’s responsible for.