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Amazon looks to capture Gen Z’s attention with new platform Inspire

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Amazon’s taking a cue from TikTok and other Gen Z favorites as they lean into launching their new platform Inspire.

Nelson Spade, the general manager of WISH-TV’s sister company Circulus Digital Media, says the platform is an in-app shopping feed that helps the discoverability of new products for its users.

“We all know that Amazon is an E-commerce giant that has millions of products available for us via the search function. This is a new play for them trying to keep people on their platform and help them find new products,” Spade said. “The play here is to grow its ad revenue and to keep people on its site to do that. It needs to increase time on site and get more Gen Z users to its platform. It’s interesting. US Social Commerce released a study that said 45% of Gen Z users who buy something on social media say that finding that product is a driver to actually purchasing it. Amazon is trying to replicate the recommended for you content via a discoverability tool to sell more products. With Inspire, it’s trying to introduce a discovered ability to its platform which will help it drive its ad revenue as people are recommending products to its users.”

The real question is, “Does Amazon want to be a social network?” Spade has the answer.

“2023 is the year many predict that the likes of Amazon and other E-commerce platforms like Walmart will take a bite out of the massive advertising revenue that Meta and Google have. It’s diversification for Amazon, maybe not to take over,” Spade said.

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