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How businesses can take advantage of travel trends

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Things are changing quickly in the travel scene as the pandemic winds down.

Nelson Spade, General Manager of Circulus Digital Media, joined Daybreak to discuss the latest travel trends and how businesses can take advantage.

“The travel industry is really at a big inflection point,” Spade said. “The most recent federal CARES Act funding allows city and state governments to invest some of those funds in travel and tourism marketing.” posted a recent study about the hopefulness for travel in 2021, with 66% saying the COVID-19 makes them more hopeful.

Spade also said that travelers are looking for the flexibility and timing in making their plans. As for businesses, Spade said travel marketers have a couple of things they need to think about.

“Guided and curated content experiences are really on the rise,” Spade said. “It will enable you to keep control of where people are going to keep safety protocols in check, but also give them that incentivizing package to come to your destination.”

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