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Social media trends to watch in 2022

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — 2021 was filled with twists and turns for social media. Controversy over user privacy, huge strides made in social commerce, to a mammoth rebrand for a top 50 Fortune 500 company.

Nelson Spade, General Manager of Circulus Digital Media, WISH-TV’s full service digital agency, joined Daybreak to discuss the trends.

“Social media marketers are going to need to be more nimble and open to new ideas probably more than ever before,” Spade said.

Spade mentioned other trends he is seeing as well:

  • Viral commerce will be the “it” factor for social
  • Meta – formerly Facebook – loses steam but continues growth amidst negative press
  • Long form video is the new short form

To watch the entire segment, click on the video.

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