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Understanding online privacy and tracking cookies

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Online privacy and security is a big concern for many. From stolen identities and websites tracking your movements online, security is a must.

Websites are able to track users online movements through the use of cookies.

Nelson Spade, General Manager of Circulus Digital Media, joined Daybreak to make sense of it all.

“In early 2020, Google announced the phasing out of, the long-term plan of cookies, tracking pixels online for its browsers. This last week, everything changed. They are extending that roadmap about two years, to end now in 2023.

When massive tech companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook announce they are making changes, the rest of the industry tends to follow.

Spade discussed the reason for the delay, saying “The tipping point in the announcement comes from a study that came out of the U.K. that raises concerns about the transition from two perspectives. The first being concerns that it might strenghten Google’s place in the market place, cries of anti-competition from its competitors. The second being the soluttion to replace cookies moving forward. They’re dubbing their solution ‘The Privacy Sandbox.’ Recent cases and tests from that have not gone as well as they’d once hoped.”

To read the U.K. study, click here.

To watch the entire segment, click on the video.

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