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Why is your iPhone asking if apps can track you?

(WISH) — Are you seeing more app notifications on your iPhone asking if your activity can be tracked?

The changes are part of a “privacy clampdown” by Apple and follows an extended feud between Apple and Facebook.

As a result, apps on Apple devices will ask users if they consent to having their activity tracked in order to provide more personalized advertising.

Apple refers to it as “App Tracking Transparency” on its website.

Nelson Spade, General Manager of Circulus Digital Media, joined Daybreak to discuss the changes.

“This is a long-awaited privacy tool that’s been in the making for a couple years now,” Spade said. “It’s really being dubbed ‘the cookie revolution.’”

Cookies are information in your web browser that stores information about your browsing activity. Cookies allow marketers to make more informed decisions when making their plans for advertising, such what users are interested in and what they might be likely to buy based on what websites they have previously visited.

But Spade says the changes aren’t all bad news for advertisers.

“We’re telling our clients to make sure to understand that this is the beginning of the evolution,” Spade said. “It’s going to take a long time to play out.”

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