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DNR added 32 million fish to Indiana waters in 2014

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Millions more fish have been added to Indiana’s lakes, rivers and ponds after biologists collected a near-record number of eggs.

The Department of Natural Resources reports that it stocked Indiana’s water sources with 32 million fish in 2014. In a typical year, stocking numbers are between 22 million and 24 million.

Stocking fish assists with natural reproduction and can help establish a species in an area where it can’t reproduce on its own. Officials say stocking can also boost the local economy by attracting more people to fish.

DNR biologists discovered a large amount of walleye fry fish eggs at Brookville Lake and were able to stock approximately 10 million more walleye fry fish than normal last year.

Other stocked species included bluegill and largemouth bass.