Doctors offer tips to stay safe in the cold

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Local doctors say they’ve already treated a number of people in the emergency room for cold-related injuries.

Doctors say the tip of your nose, your fingers, and your toes are most prone to the cold. If you have to work or be outside for a very long time, layering up is the way to go.

24-Hour News 8 caught up with runners training at the National Institute for Fitness and Sports. Some runners say it’s all about determination and how to safely prepare for the Mini Marathon that’s getting them through the cold.

Most wore layers and ran with a buddy along the Canal River, but whether you’re a runner or not, doctors say you want to make sure you don’t leave the house without gloves, a hat, and a scarf.

Doctors are reminding everyone to limit their time outside because if you’re not bundle up, there’s a chance you could get frostbite.

“Initially you just have some skin discoloration where maybe it will turn white and then it can get to become to the point where there’s no blood flow and so that skin around that area starts to die and turn black,” said Dr. Colin Meyer, IU Health Methodist Hospital.

Meanwhile, a few runners decided to stay inside to run on the treadmill instead of going out in the cold.

Frostbite happens in several stages, the first thing you want to look for is skin that turns pale or red and just feels very cold. After that your skin may turn blue or purple and possibly form blisters.

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