Dog sought help daily for friend trapped in well

VASHON, Wash. (WISH) – Two dogs in Washington State went missing for a week. Luckily their story has a happy ended.

Vashon Island Pet Protectors posted to their Facebook page trying to find the dogs named Phoebe a basset hound and Tillie a setter. Two days later the pair was found.

A community member reported seeing a dog matching Tillie’s description near a deep ravine. According to the Facebook page, the community member said the dog kept coming up to their property and then promptly heading back into the ravine.

Search and rescue crews began searching the area and finally found Tillie standing by a well where Phoebe had fallen inside.

The search and rescue team feared Phoebe didn’t make it, but thankfully she had fallen on to some concrete rubble that kept her out of the water.

Tillie stuck by Phoebe’s side the entire time showing that dogs are not only a man’s best friends but they also have four legged best friends too.