Donation goal reached for puppy rescued on I-465

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A positive update to a heartbreaking story.

An online fundraiser that started this week to raise money for a puppy found injured on Interstate 465 has reached its goal.

The GoFundMe page was created to raise $9,000 to help pay for the dog’s medical treatment and surgeries. By Wednesday morning, more than $9,500 had been raised.

Two Good Samaritans found the puppy on I-465 Monday morning. She had a broken leg and a wound that went down to the muscle tissue.

“I think she’s a very resilient little girl and she’s going to pull through whatever they’re going to need to do,” said Holly Schipp, one of the puppy’s rescuers.

A vet said it should take the dog about two months to recover. Surgery was planned for Wednesday to fix her broken leg, if her heart rhythm had stabilized.