6.6 magnitude quake rattles Southern California

NEW YORK - JUNE 23: A drum seismograph records the shaking of the ground at the new earthquake monitoring station June 23, 2004 at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. On exhibit in the Gottesman Hall of the Planet Earth, the earthquake station features a three-drum seismograph that constantly monitors and records the shaking of the ground as it is happening in Fairbanks, Alaska, Tuscon, Arizona and Nagano, Japan. The exhibit also features a color screen on which a map of the world alternates show real-time seismic activity. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — An earthquake rattled a large swath of Southern California and parts of Nevada on Thursday morning, making hanging lamps sway and photo frames on wall shake. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

The 6.4 magnitude quake measured struck near in the Mojave Desert, about 150 miles (240 kilometers) northeast of Los Angeles, near the town of Ridgecrest, California.

The United State Geological Survey initially said it measured at a 6.6 magnitude.

People from Las Vegas to the Pacific Coast reported feeling a rolling motion and took to social media to report it.

Local emergency agencies also took to social media to ask people to only call 911 for emergencies.

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“We are very much aware of the significant earthquake that just occurred in Southern California. Please DO NOT call 9-1-1 unless there are injuries or other dangerous conditions. Don’t call for questions please,” the LAPD said in a statement published on Twitter.

Ashleigh Chandler, a helicopter rescue EMT at Fort Irwin, California, said the quake happened as she was getting ready for a July 4th party.

“I was just in the living room getting everything ready, we start to feel the shaking, so then I look up and then the wine bottles start rattling and I thought, ‘They’re going to fall.’

“My sister was in the house and my dog, so we just got everyone outside and then it ended. It was like 15, 20 seconds, maybe. It was pretty good shaking, so I’m out of breath.”

“Everyone’s OK.”