Butler Blue IV delivers acceptance letter to Ben Davis High School twins

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Butler University’s mascot, Blue IV, surprised local twins with an acceptance letter into the university Thursday morning.

Didier and Dominique Vohito, 17, attend Ben Davis High School on the west side of Indianapolis. The twins are Liberian and Butler University was their first college choice.

Butler’s program of personalized deliveries of admissions decisions let the siblings know they were accepted into the class of 2027.

Didier Vohito wants to study pre-law and applied as a political science major. Dominique Vohito wants to study pre-med and applied as a biochemistry major.

“I actually want to start studying communications to go into the law field,” Didier Vohito said. “It was a big surprise to the point that it was like ‘Oh my gosh, this is truly happening,’ It feels like a dream come true. Me personally, it was like ‘Blue’s here!”

“Umm, my mom told us we had to get ready early and I was like ‘Uhh, okay. Ready early,’” Dominique Vohito said.

Dominique Vohito said she feels a sense of validation now that they’ve been accepted.

Evan Krauss is the senior marketing manager at the university, but is better known as Blue IV’s handler.

Krauss was in the hospital when Blue IV was born and helped deliver him. Blue IV has been with Krauss’ family since he was 11 weeks old and he’ll be turning three on Sunday.

The Vohito’s were the 9th and 10th delivery this year for Blue IV, but he’s already delivered over 100 acceptance letters. Even during the height of the pandemic, Blue IV delivered them to students virtually via Zoom.

“For us to see on their faces that they’ve been waiting…for years to find out that they have been accepted by Butler and their dreams are coming true, to see that realization hit them when they see Blue open the door, it really makes it all worth it for us,” Krauss said.

Both students are actively involved with the Center for Leadership Development, a local non-profit that fosters growth for minority youth in Central Indiana.

Applications to Butler University are still being accepted.

The first round of admission decisions will be announced tomorrow.