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Hamilton Southeastern adopts new dress code for schools’ students

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — Hamilton Southeastern school district’s students may have to adjust their wardrobe in the upcoming school year that starts Aug. 9.

The school board on Wednesday night made some big changes to the dress code.

Some parents say they were left out of the process in crafting the dress code, and the school board did not take input from teachers seriously.

The board approved changes to the dress code 5-2.

Clothing that displays inappropriate or profane messages, and clothing that reveals parts of students’ torsos or buttocks won’t be allowed.

Students will have to wear underwear.

Hoodies must be in the down position, and students can’t wear ballcaps during instruction periods.

Parent Stefanie Hunt told News 8 she’s not even sure that the board accepted feedback from surveys of teachers on the dress code. “There was no mention of hoodies being an issue in these surveys, from the teachers, from the parents, and now, all of a sudden, we have a new dress code addition to our handbook.”

School Board President Dawn Lang told News 8, “A lot these things are not new to teachers or even to administration. In fact, even hats and hoodies have only been withdrawn for a year. So to put this back into practice and play, and all the anxiety that’s been riddled up about this is a little overblown.”

Hamilton Southeastern officials say teachers have the right to make a few exceptions to the dress code when there is a special event, such as a spirit day, happening.