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IU talks about IUPUI split from Purdue that’s ahead

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — IUPUI officials say they’re looking forward to new opportunities for growth with the split between Indiana and Purdue universities.

Beginning in the fall semester, the renamed Indiana University in Indianapolis will be putting into practice some changes they’ve created so that they’re ready for the full transition in 2024.

Purdue University will remain on campus despite the separation.

Indiana University officials say, with the help of task forces, the separation will bring more opportunities for students and faculty. They say more people are embracing the changes.

Julie Manning Magid, executive associate dean for faculty and research at the IU Kelly School of Business, said, “Students will find it a seamless process.”

Magid is the co-lead of the task force that’s focused on the impact of the separation on the state and the city. “Corporate, philanthropic, there are a lot of different kinds of funding we can think about as long as we are able to tell our story well and know what we’re really able to give to this city and state.”

Joanna Millunchick, dean of IU Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, said, “I’m excited that we’re going to be standing on our very own computer science department that’s going to be different from the Purdue department, so Purdue is going to be offering computer science after, starting in fall 2024, and IUI is going to be offering computer science as well.”

IU says the separation will open the doors to more internships and educational opportunities tailored for its students at the downtown Indianapolis campus.

Patty Martin, president and chief executive officer of BioCrossroads professional services in Indianapolis, said, “We have the opportunity to really connect the sciences here and the tech science corridor with our companies in Indianapolis and really start to merge our academics and our industries together in a way that we’ve never done before.”

“Connecting the university and our science and our medical school to the health system of IU Health and others to our industry partners it’s just a real opportunity to put a focal spotlight on what’s here,” Martin said.