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Transgender student posts on social media about harassment in IU dorm

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WISH) — An Indiana University student tells News 8 he was subjected to months of bullying on his dorm room floor.

Declan Farley said, “Someone yelled a slur, a homophobic slur from outside my door, and then there were times when someone dumped food outside my door, and put trash outside of my door, and most recently someone licked the outside of my door while I was inside.”

Farley is transgender. He identifies as a male and prefers to be perceived as a male. He said he reported the incidents to a resident assistant (RA) supervisor, but nothing was done until he posted about it on TikTok. The video received more than 350,000 views.

“We were supposed to have our floor meeting about the incidents in late October, early November, and we did not have that floor meeting until Jan. 15, and I was told that was due to miscommunication or lack of communication between faculty and the RA,” Farley said.

Declan said he transferred from another university because he experienced the same type of harassment and chose IU because of the university’s openness to the LGBTQ+ community.

“In mid-October, I did attempt to take my own life because of the harassment, and everything going on I felt that was a serious thing, and for it to be handled so poorly, and I was told the only option I had was to move rooms,” he said.

An IU official says the university is aware of Farley’s situation. A statement was emailed to News 8.

“We are deeply committed to maintaining an inclusive and safe campus for all students. Protecting students’ privacy is always a top priority, so we cannot speak to specific student matters. However, we strive to respond to any report of bias and harassment with a robust process to address reported incidents and behaviors. IU also has a dedicated Care Team that works quickly to connect with students who may be struggling or who need additional support. Support and resources come in many forms and can include assistance related to academic issues, student well-being, and harassment or discrimination.”

Dave O’Guinn, vice provost for student affairs and the dean of students, Indiana University

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