Republican Holcomb wins reelection as Indiana governor

INDIANAPOLIS (AP/WISH) — Republican Eric Holcomb has won reelection as Indiana governor, fending off challengers who criticized his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Holcomb went into his campaign for a second term with a huge fundraising advantage and didn’t face any well-known challengers. Holcomb sidestepped any criticism of President Donald Trump even as Holcomb promoted face mask use and issued a statewide mask mandate in July.

Holcomb overcame Democrat Woody Myers, a former state health commissioner who called for tougher anti-virus actions.

Some conservatives called Holcomb’s actions excessive and were, instead, backing Libertarian candidate Donald Rainwater.

Holcomb’s campaign manager, Kyle Hupfer, on Tuesday told News 8 that if Holcomb won the race he would give his COVID-19 briefing as planned on Wednesday afternoon.

When Holcomb was announced as the projected winner at 7 p.m. roughly 13% of Indiana precincts were reporting.

Dr. Woody Myers concedes gubernatorial election