Drivers participate in ‘Trump Train’ on I-465 ahead of Election Day

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Hundreds of drivers paraded around Indianapolis for a “Trump Train” in support for President Trump ahead of the election on Nov. 3.

Supporters of the president met in groups throughout the state to come to Indianapolis for the parade. They looped around I-465 several times for hours.

“Trump Trains” are happening across the country. There were hundreds of drivers honking their horns as their Trump flags waved on top of their cars.

News 8 first reported about the car parade Friday after one organizer created a Facebook group that ended up receiving hundreds of replies.

The goal for drivers was to express freedom of speech while keeping it peaceful.

“Being able to enjoy it,” said organizer Corey Keifer. “Show some patriotism, but not swing one side or the other. Just enjoying the opportunity to have freedom and be free in a country that we can do things like this and to where we don’t have to live in fear to enjoy our rights and our freedoms.”

Participant Cora Tam said, “It was very very well supported. There was no arguments, there was no threats made, not to my knowledge.”

Indiana State Police were made aware of the planned event last week. Troopers were monitoring the traffic and ensuring state traffic laws were being followed. There were no ramp or lane closures, but we did see traffic backed up during times of the parade.

Some of the cars left the I-465 loop to gather downtown at Monument Circle. Trump supporters say they’re looking forward to the outcome of election night on Tuesday.

“We just want people to go out and vote, vote. Get the word out and vote,” added Tam.

ISP Sgt. John Perrine said he was not made aware of any incidents nor did he receive any complaints about the event.


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