Hoosiers line up for early voting on Tuesday in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —  Early voting started on Tuesday, Oct. 6, in Indiana. With the health crises, this could be a good option for voters before Election Day looking to avoid crowds and long lines.

On Tuesday morning, more than a hundred people lined up in Marion County to cast their ballots. Sherry VanDike was the first voter in the line outside the City-County Building in Indianapolis and stood in the cold weather for two hours just to cast her ballot.

“This is a very important election. We need to make sure our voices are heard. You really can’t speak to anything unless you put your vote in,” said VanDike. “Because it is just a right that we are so lucky to be able to have the privilege to vote.”

Across the state, select early voting locations will be opened on Tuesday and will remain open through Nov. 2. On Tuesday, Nov. 3, all polling sites across the state will open for the general election. Voter information and early voting locations can be found on the Indiana Voters website.

In Marion County, the City-County Building was the first early voting site to open at 8 a.m. on Tuesday. Voters in Marion County are asked to wear masks and if they do not have one, a mask will be provided. 

The Deputy Director for the Marion County Clerk, Russell Hollis, said Tuesday morning’s early voter turnout was historic.

“We are seeing a lot of folks are energized and ready to make sure that their vote is counted and that their voices are heard,” said Hollis. “This is the first time we have seen that many voters line up right before the polls open on the first day of early voting. So, we are happy that everyone is showing up to this, what we call an event we have been planning for. We are happy our voters are ready and make sure their votes are counted in a safe manner.”

More information for Marion County’s early voting can be found here.

  • From Oct. 6 to Nov. 2: Indianapolis City-County Building
  • From Oct. 24 to Nov.1: Krannert Park Community Center, MSD Lawrence Admin Building, Perry Township Government Center, St Luke’s UMC, Warren Township Government Center

Throughout the month of October, more early voting locations will open across Indiana. Early voting locations will depend on in what county people are registered to vote.
To vote early in Indiana, people must have a valid photo ID. More information on the photo ID requirements can be found here.

You have the right to vote in Indiana if:

  • You are both a U.S. citizen and a resident of Indiana; and
  • You will be at least 18 years of age on or before the next General or Municipal Election, and
  • You are not currently in prison after being convicted of a crime; and
  • You have lived in the precinct where you vote for at least 30 days prior to the election; and
  • You are registered to vote.