Hoosiers rally across downtown Indianapolis after results of presidential election

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Supporters of President Donald Trump gathered at the Indiana Statehouse on Saturday afternoon and those for President-elect Joe Biden around Monument Circle.

People at Monument Circle told News 8 that they’re looking into the future with a new president and vice president of the United States.

There was an outpouring of patriotism shown from Biden supporters from all backgrounds and ages.

“I just been praying, I just been praying and praying that he wins. Then my dream came true,” said Mareeyo McGee.

A dream now turned into reality after a tight presidential race in key battleground states.

Supporters of President Trump insist the election isn’t over as dozens of them stood outside the Indiana Statehouse. They calling their demonstration Stop The Steal one of many that took place across the country.

“There’s no way he won the election without fraud,” said Kreg Anderson.

They claim Democrats stole votes from the President in Pennsylvania and Georgia although experts say there’s been no evidence of mass voter fraud. They’re calling for transparency of the vote count.

Another supporter told News 8, “Every one of the votes Biden needed came in the darkness of night, every one of them. Not a single one happened in daylight like this. The Democrats and these areas got the number that they needed from the day vote and then all of a sudden ballots started appearing.”

Most Hoosiers say they want healing, unity and new polices in place for a better economy although there are differences on both sides over the election.

“More help available for people who have lost their jobs because of COVID. I’m one of those people and my job got terminated because of COVID. I’m on unemployment right now and it’s not cutting,” said Biden supporter B.J. Roisman.