League of Women Voters of Indianapolis explains voter rights at polls

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Volunteers with the League of Women Voters of Indianapolis are making sure voters know their rights before casting ballots.

On Election Day, Marion County will have 187 polling sites, and each one has to abide by the Indiana Voter Bill of Rights.

“They are allowed to bring in a chair with them. They’re allowed to bring water with them. They’re allowed to bring a snack with them and once they get in to the polling booth area they are allowed to bring in a sample ballot of some notes on who they want to vote for,” Erin Kelley said.

College students who attend a public school can use their student photo identification cards. All other voters must have a government issued ID.

“An Indiana driver’s license, an Indiana state ID, a military ID, or a passport, and your passport does need to be valid,” Rhea Cain said.

A provisional ballot will be given if for any reason a person’s right to vote is being challenged, but with that comes one big problem.

“It’s not counted on Election Day. If a voter is given a provisional ballot, they really need to understand that they have to follow up with the election board fairly quickly to then make a case for why their ballot should be counted,” Kelley said.

Cain said filling out a provisional ballot should be the last resort. “It is always within your right to ask the poll worker or the inspector to call downtown or to the election center for additional verification or additional information.”

People with physical disabilities can ask for earbuds or a magnifying glass at the polling location. Hoosiers also have the right to bring someone with them or ask for assistance before entering the voting booth.

“Voting is step one of the democratic process. Now after the election making sure that you’re keeping up on your elected officials and that you’re communicating with them about things you want to see changed in the community is important,” Kelley said.

The League of Women Voters of Indianapolis is hosting a Know Your Voting Rights webinar from 6-8:30 p.m. Oct. 15.