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Question from Indianapolis Mayoral Debate on WISH-TV: Stopping spinning, street takeovers

Hogsett and Shreve: Stopping spinning, street takeovers (reclip)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Democrat mayor of Indianapolis and a Republican hopeful for the job answered questions, many provided by WISH-TV viewers, during a live, hourlong debate aired Monday night.

Hogsett is seeking a third four-year term as mayor of Indianapolis. Shreve, a businessman who has previously served on the City-County Council, won the Republican primary in May.

Monday night’s presentation was the first one-hour televised debate in an Indianapolis mayoral campaign in nearly 20 years.

How do the candidates plans to tackle large groups of people taking over the streets and parking lots, and doing spinouts with their cars and blocking traffic?

Shreve says he spent time recently at a former Sears parking lot with IMPD officers addressing the recurring problem. He says many officers have to be deployed to address the crowds and their chaos. “We just need more police on the streets to be forward facing.”

Hogsett says Indiana State Police and IMPD have been working together on “spinouts” with neighborhoods, and he believes the problem is being adequately addressed. “I think, at last count, at least a dozen or so arrests have been made.”