Seniors take advantage of CAFE Indy free rides to the poll

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Some seniors on the far east side got some help getting to the polls on Election Day. The Community Alliance of the Far Eastside delivered on its promise to provide free rides. CAFE Indy put out the message for free rides to the polls last week and the organization got a huge response.

Organizers said it’s important that everyone use their voice and vote. And for seniors who may have trouble getting around, organizers wanted to make sure transportation wasn’t a barrier.

Many of the senior voters have seen about a dozen presidential elections. And while moving around has gotten harder with time, they said getting out to vote was worth it.

“I’m glad we didn’t have to catch the bus and go downtown,” said long-time voter Floris Radford.

Radford was one of the nearly two dozen seniors to take advantage of the free rides to the polls.

“Just being of service for the community is something that we strive for and we are very happy to do it,” said Kendra Nowell with CAFE Indy.

Although rides were provided for the whole community, there was an added focus on seniors and those with disabilities. Those who registered were picked up at their homes and brought to the polling place at CAFE Indy.

“It’s very exciting to see all of this come together. As we put a focus on our senior residents of the far east side. Making sure that they don’t have any barriers to face so they can come out and make their voice count,” said Nowell.

While the lines were long at the beginning of the day, they shortened enough to allow senior voters a clear path.

Elliott Toombs said he planned on catching public transportation to the polls. But then a seat opened up.

“I consider that a blessing and everybody should get out here. Call do what you got to do,” he said.

Additional buses were provided for community members in general needing a ride. On top of being able to vote the seniors were given meals to take home.


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