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EMA offering sandbags following flash flood watch

HAMILTON COUNTY (WISH) –The flash flood watch mobilized the Emergency Management Office in Hamilton County.

Carl Erickson, the head of the county’s Emergency Management Agency, says his department has about 2,000 sandbags ready for people who need them.  For now, the bags are stacked on skids in Noblesville.

Erickson said it is hard to know how many bags might be claimed.

It tends to be “hit or miss,” said Erickson. “But, we’d rather have our residents prepared and at least give them this opportunity.  If they want to come get sandbags, we’ll make them available to them.”

People who claim them often know from experience when they’ll need bags.

Erickson said problem areas tend to be “repeat offenders, so to speak.  So, we know – or a resident will know – that a certain part of their neighborhood or their home” will need protection.

The office in Noblesville will re-open at 8 in the morning  at 1717 Pleasant Street and are open

Anyone who lives in Hamilton County can come in and pick up as many bags as necessary as a precaution against flooding problems.