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This Barbie is six feet under: Funeral home offers Barbie-themed coffins

A Barbie-themed coffin, sold by the Alpha and Omega Funeral Home based in El Salvador. (Provided Photo/AP Photo/Salvador Melendez)

EL SALVADOR (WISH) — A funeral home in El Salvador is hopping on the Barbie movie train in a fabulously macabre way – they are now offering Barbie-themed coffins.

All so you can love Barbie until the day you die and beyond.

The pink metal coffins are on sale at the Alpha and Omega Funeral Home in the city of Ahuachapán, near the Guatemalan border.

Owner Isaac Villegas said Friday he already offered the option of pink coffins before the July premiere of the Barbie movie.

But the Barbie craze that swept through Latin America convinced him to decorate the cloth linings of the coffins with pictures of the doll. The coffins are also decorated with little white stars.

“I said, ‘We have to jump on this trend,’” Villegas said of the coffins, noting “it has been a success.”

He says the funeral home has already launched a promotional campaign around the Barbie boxes, and has sold 10 of them.

That doesn’t mean 10 people have actually been buried in them. Many people in El Salvador buy a pre-paid package for future burial.

Villegas says that until a year ago, families had preferred traditional coffins in colors like brown, black, white, or gray.

But a year ago, he sold his first pink coffin to a family who wanted their very happy relative buried in a happier-colored coffin.

Now, he has no plans to turn back, though he still offers darker colors. “We are going to have more pink coffins because people are asking for it,” he said.

Latin America jumped on Barbie mania with pink-colored tacos and pastries, commercial planes bearing the Barbie logo, political ads, and even Barbie-themed protests.

The movie meanwhile, has earned $1 billion at the box office worldwide.

Barbie is set to start streaming on Max in the fall.