Ex-Colts player found not guilty of rape

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Closing arguments concluded late Thursday morning and jurors received the case in the trial of a former Indianapolis Colts player accused of rape.

Jurors announced around 2:30 p.m. that they had cleared Josh McNary on all counts, including rape charges.

“It was a difficult position for me to be in. For my entire family to be in. Friends, loved ones. But I’m happy that I’m still free,” said McNary. “I’m still able to pursue my dreams and all the things that were on hold for this whole process. I wish it hadn’t come to this but today’s been the best out of a really bad circumstance.”

McNary says he wants to continue football career.

Police arrested the former Colts linebacker back in January. He had denied all of the charges he’s accused of, which include rape, criminal confinement and battery.

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McNary took the stand on Wednesday. He told jurors he had consensual sex with the woman the morning of Dec. 1.

The accuser said she met him at a night club, flirted with him and agreed to go home with him. She said she was extremely intoxicated and she began to feel uncomfortable and rejected his advances in his apartment. She said he kept going and eventually raped her.

Juror Stanley Edwards said the evidence wasn’t there.

“Them two and God are really who know what happened,” Edwards said. “I feel like it’s not my job to know what happened. It’s my job to prove if the state can prove he’s guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The jury was shown photos of scratches on McNary’s body and the accuser’s body, and they were shown photos of abrasions in the woman’s vaginal area. Edwards said the photos don’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the marks and injuries were caused by McNary raping a woman.

Some believe McNary could still have a career in the league.

McNary signed with the Colts back in 2013.