Experts demonstrate proper CPR, Heimlich technique

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – If you learned how to perform CPR on someone 20 years ago, chances are you aren’t doing it right anymore.

As part of Operation Safety, experts demonstrated live on Daybreak the current recommended way to do CPR. Experts say the focus now is chest compression, in an effort to act as the person’s heart.

If there are multiple people around who know CPR, experts recommend people take two-minute shifts. It’s better for the patient.

Injuries to the rib cage can happen during CPR, experts said on Daybreak. Although it’s not the intention to injure the patient, it’s sometimes a consequence of performing CPR.Click here for info on CPR certification classes, and look for CPR Fridays. Groups wanting a compression-only CPR demonstration can email

See more from the demonstration in the video above.

Experts also demonstrated proper technique for the Heimlich maneuver. Watch in this video: