Extensive storm damage reported near Dayton, Ohio

TROTWOOD, Ohio (WDTN) – Trotwood, Ohio’s mayor says extensive damage has been reported throughout the city, especially in the Westbrook Road area.

No injuries have been confirmed at this time, but several ambulances have been rushing around the area.

A viewer called in to report a collapse at Westbrooke Village Apartments.

Ohio Department of Transportation spokesman Matt Bruning said its crews are using several plows to scrape debris off to the side of southbound Interstate 75, trying to get the highway reopened as soon as possible. “We’ll do a more thorough cleaning after we get lanes opened,” he told the Associated Press via text early Monday. He said tow trucks eventually will have to deal with damaged vehicles along the roadway, too. He said other crews are also clearing debris northwest of Dayton in Mercer and Darke counties. Trying to clear the debris in the middle of the night is a difficult task, complicated by darkness and downed power lines, Bruning said.

In Montgomery County, which includes Dayton, Sheriff Rob Streck is asking people to stay off the roads in areas affected by the storm. His office said many roads in those areas are impassable because of damage.

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Both the city and the county have set up a command center at Fire Station 72.

There are power lines and trees down around the city as well.

Tenley Taghi said her father was injured when a light pole fell through their house. Firefighters extracted him from the home. She said the street is destroyed.

Taghi said there were no tornado sirens before they were hit.

“I saw the clouds spin backwards and the trees began to sway uncontrollably and we took shelter. I was standing on the porch that is no longer standing. We took shelter right as the storm hit,” said Taghi.