Eyewear can give you a new look in 2020

Eyewear can give you a new look in 2020

Step into 2020 with a brand-new look!

Mollie Tavel, Director of Growth and Community Engagement, Dr. Tavel, shares a few fashion trends in the optical space to keep in mind!

– During the Fall and Winter months, a lot of brands are promoting frames in beautiful bold colors including burgundy, moss, darker blues, and navy. We, of course, continue to see the traditional metal finishes and plastics in gray, tortoise, and black that transition nicely from season to season. Overall, the optical industry is giving us more opportunities to play with color and style!
– In terms of frame style trends, designers are leaning towards new and interesting shapes that branch out from traditional round or square lenses.
– Big, bold frames are still trending. We have already adopted the double bridge frame trend, and you are seeing people wearing clear and lightly tinted crystal frames. Now we’re seeing more designers lean in on large lenses, and they’re creating them with a new take on traditional shapes.

Is there any reason to make your way to the eye doctor now vs. later in the year?
– At Dr. Tavel, we’re, of course, open all year with convenient hours and locations to best meet your needs. However, in my opinion, now is the best time to pay us a visit for a few reasons:
– First, we are running a great sale on designer frames, giving you 75% off a second pair so you can mix and match your eyewear, and take advantage of the deal to splurge on prescription sunglasses, too.
– Second, we’re nearing the end of 2019. If you have vision benefits, it’s use them or lose them! We’d love to help you maximize your insurance benefit to get you the best lenses in the best look for your lifestyle.
– If you still have FSA dollars from your employer, don’t leave money on the table! You can use those funds to snag a new pair of stylish specs to ensure you see 20/20 in the year 2020. Our insurance and styling experts can help you find the perfect pair of lenses so you look great, feel great, and see the new year clearly, too!
– And finally, I always like getting my eye exam done at the beginning of the year to beat the back to school rush and ensure I have the right glasses to keep my eyes protected all year round.

• Do you need multiple pairs of glasses throughout the year?
– Absolutely. You wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes to mow the yard to go on a date night, would you? Not only do you want a different look for different occasions, but there are also different lenses that serve a variety of use cases.
– At the most basic level, we advise all our patients to wear sunglasses outdoors. Just like too much sun damages your skin, it can also damage your eyes. You only get one set of eyes in life, so you want to keep them protected at every age. And with a variety of designer frames to choose from, we make it fun and fashionable to be protected!
– Additionally, there are lenses designed to reduce digital eye strain, and lenses designed to help you see greater contrast on the golf course. This is why it’s imperative to talk to your eye care professional about your hobbies, passions, and everyday needs. We can make sight simple for you.

• What’s new with Dr. Tavel in 2020?
– Well, 2020 is an optometrist’s favorite year! We’re encouraging everyone to have 20/20 vision in 2020, and for us, that starts with our employees. We’ve launched the 2020 pledge internally – all of our employees are pledging to get an eye exam and a pair of corrective, protective eyewear this year. We’d like to challenge your viewers and your team to do this, too!
– Additionally in 2020, we want to make 20/20 vision more accessible for everyone. So we’re planning to work with community partners like the 500 festival, health fairs, and anyone else who will have us, to do at least 2,020 vision screenings throughout the state.

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