Family and friends remember man shot and killed

LAWRENCE (WISH) — Family and friends are mourning the loss of a man shot and killed outside of his home in Lawrence.

Police found the victim dead in his driveway on Monday afternoon.

Family identified the victim as William Rogers, 25. His sister told 24-Hour News 8 her brother was leaving to go to the dentist when someone started shooting.

“I never thought the next day that he would be gone from me and my mother, from his family,” said Krystal Rogers, the victim’s sister. “All I had was him.”

For Krystal Rogers and her family, the pain will never go away after losing her brother to gun violence.

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She said her brother was leaving his home when someone shot him not once, but believed to be multiple times.

“Shot him in broad daylight. This is senseless,” said Rogers. “Whoever did this does not have heart and justice needs to be served.”

Lawrence police said they are still investigating and have not released a description of the person responsible for the crime.

“He never got to call 911. He never got to scream,” said Rogers. “He never got to let nobody know that he was right here. He died right here.”

Flowers and candles mark the spot where police found the father of two. His sister said he leaves behind a little girl and boy.

“He’ll never get to see him ride his bike, never see them graduate, never get to see their first boo boo and never get to heal and mend their broken hearts,” said Rogers.

Rogers described her brother as a loving and caring person. She said he who would go out of his way to help others.

She admits her brother was not perfect, but did his best to provide for his family.

“My mother only has two kids. I was a victim of violence. Her son was a victim of violence,” said Rogers. “I survived and he did not. We just got to get right get right with God.”

Rogers told 24-Hour News 8 it was back in 2009 when her ex-boyfriend stabbed her 17 times after an argument. Her ex-boyfriend is serving time in prison for trying to killing her.

She survived the attack with the emotional support from her brother, but now her best friend is gone.

“There are no meanings to these killings,” said Rogers. “There are no meanings whatsoever and we’re leaving a lot of people hurt.”

Family is preparing to say goodbye to their loved one. If you would like to help you can click here.

Lawrence police believe the shooting was not random.