Fans brave the elements to enjoy Final Four fun

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Final Four weekend had a soggy start but it wasn’t enough to keep thousands of people from packing downtown for all of the NCAA March Madness fun.

When a championship is on the line, that’s when people show their true colors.

After a Michigan State University fan chanted “Go Spartans,” University of Kentucky fan Matthew Cababie was quick to reply saying, “Nobody cares! Go back to Lansing.”

“You got fans from all different walks of life,” said Nickolas Somerville who was back in his home state of Indiana.

Spartan supporters, Badger believers, and Duke die-hards flowed up and down Georgia Street downtown. But it was the wave of Kentucky blue that was drowning out the crowd.

“We travel better than anybody and we’re going 40-0 for number nine,” Cababie proudly boasted.

Wisconsin fan Chris Casey disagreed. “Everybody’s written the Badgers off except the Badger fans,” he said.

Lost in the sea of blue were a few Duke fans like Katie Lester. “The Kentucky blue and the Duke blue, they’re very similar,” she said. “So some of the blue that you see may actually Blue Devil fans.”

Showing your school pride at the NCAA March Madness Music fest wasn’t as big of a concern as making sure your clothes were waterproof.

“It’s alright, it’s tolerable,” said Ashley Monroe of Zionsville. The weather was tolerable as long as people came prepared. Many were layered up thanks to the cold temps. Others made sure to have on something to stay dry like a rain coat or poncho.

The weather wasn’t enough to stop the show but it did make the lawn a bit muddy and slippery. As a safety precaution, the video board was lowered and the Ferris Wheel was temporarily stopped. But fans say that’s all part of the outdoor concert experience. Plus, they didn’t have to pay a dime to get in.

“It’s cold but you know, free, good bands, can’t beat it,” said Jason Lehman who was in from Dayton, Ohio.

Those who did fight through the rain couldn’t wait to see performances by Weezer and the headliner Imagine Dragons. The weather cleared up as the evening progressed, making way for a chilly but enjoyable night.

“Wish you guys were here, you’re really missing out,” Shan Monroe said to those who didn’t brave the elements. “It’s a free concert, lot of great people. Got some food, got some beer, you’re doing great.”